Church Songs

by Them Savages

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released January 27, 2012

All songs written by Them Savages
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Alex D. Begay
Additional Guitar/Vocals by Bryant Vazquez
Accordion/Vocals by Kate Hinojosa
Bass by Phil Hreniuc
Gang Vocals/Stomps/Claps by
the friends that were around


all rights reserved



Them Savages Flagstaff, Arizona

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Track Name: Intro/Sun&Sea
Intro / Sun & Sea-

Squander all your coins from the wishing well
An oasis of riches in your poor hell
It’s a beggars life you can’t take any longer
You want the satin on your back but no more hunger.

The oceans are rising, the sun smiles at it’s dying
thinking you can’t survive without me
i’ll be the death of all of your family

The sky’s taking bites out of you and me

Now the ocean is pissed and the sun’s waiting for it
for us to drown in that violent sea
so it could cook us with the rest of it’s heat

We’re all just drowning in the boiling sea

The water makes it so i can’t breathe
and the daylight’s only showing death to me.
Track Name: A Gutter Summer
A Gutter Summer-

Your burning up that anger in a bent up spoon,
shaking like it’s winter in the middle of june
You let in run like a flood through your skinny veins
You said the feeling gave you something worth living for again
You found a lover in the gutter, said he’d keep you clean,
but his hands are hard to wash when they’re trembling
Now your taking drinks of your own thick blood
Can you taste the disease on the tip of that sharp tongue?
Your burning up that life in a bent up spoon
Found your lover gone that same june
Track Name: God's Hands
God’s Hands-

I feel i’m getting old as each joint starts to go
And i really can’t help but feel like it’s some kind of joke
But i keep rolling with the pain until it’s all the same
Pissed off at the world but there’s really one to blame
‘cause i’m just a man
being strangled by god’s hands
And all his anger shows
Through his fists blood flows
This body’s just a way to show i’m still his slave,
but he shows it several ways each and every day
Whether it’s the ice on the road or the weakness that i show
Regardless of the pain, this life is not my own
Track Name: Bones In Ribbon
Bones In Ribbon-

Every single ghost flying out of my mouth
they know every single poison i’m trying to sweat out
yet they hang in the air and give these strangers a chance to hear
all the stupid shit that i put myself through this year
When they put me in the dirt make sure to wrap my bones in ribbon
and throw in all shiny things that i’ve ever been given
then let all those ghosts know that their words will still glow
long after this flesh starts to go.
Track Name: Harlot

I swore you were a harlot because you stirred the hell inside
I still swear that your body’s where that devil resides,
because it leads me to do wrong, to sing unholy song
The bastard that i am just taps that damn foot right along
Every word you say causes thunder in my brain
Every inch of skin you touch leaves me that burning pain
Well, darlin’, i’ve had enough of this old aching love
Take pity on a man with no help from above
Track Name: Here

Hold me above the tide,
‘cause i’m a bastard in your eyes
You think the drinks will help you hide,
well that comes as no surprise
You kept the view upon it’s back,
and i never really knew why
You sqeeze the bones until they crack,
now you take the bricks and throw them into the sky
You never really know where the path’s gonna lead

I’ll just stay here
You started out alright but got blown away by the breeze
I just stayed here

Now your drunken grin is all in my bad dreams
And i’m living with a fever that i can’t treat,
but it’s not quite as bad as all of you might think
Because this constant wandering is oh so sweet
You never really know where the path’s gonna lead

I’ll just stay here
You started out alright but got blown away by the breeze
I just stayed here
Track Name: Things Are All Different
Things Are All Different-

The dying sun bled on me, lovingly spreading his disease
And then i went blind, because his insides surely shine
He goes, “come dance in my heat,
I’ll show you the things your eyes will never see
Things are different with me”
Then the rotting trees took a hold of me
My tired lungs forcibly emptied
With no insides left to breathe i swing my arms gently
He sings, “come hang with my leaves,
I’ll hold you bove the dark cracking streats
Things are different with me”
Things are all different when you dying with me
Come hang with my leaves, dance in my heat
Things are all different when your dying with me
Track Name: My Heart/These Banks
My Heart/These Banks_

I drank a bottle full of blood,
it felt like in my belly
Had my head spinning like a top,
but my thoughts remain sweaty
And i finally found some clarity

I yelled out..

I know where there world caves in,
it’s right beneathe my feet
May be a drunken fucking fool,
but it’s the only truth i see
‘Cause my heart and these banks
have never taken well with me,
And they’re the only two powers
that have ever really meant a thing
Track Name: Pretty Little Thief
Pretty Little Thief-

Lay me in your bed
These rattling bones are noisy in my head,
but the flowers you nailed to the wall
still bloom in my eyes even in the fall

So keep me in your head
‘cause your the reason mine’s clear
Why the anger inside me is dead
Your why it’s dead

Pretty little thief, break on into me
Swim your way through my veins,
to the blue that helps me see
Track Name: Two Birds
Two Birds-

She’s a black haired woman with the perfume on her bossoms
just to keep this boy from staying clean
with her bright owl eyes she looks back in to mine
with the hopes that i’ll forget what i’ve seen
i’ve seen the lust, the features, the vices, and the creatures
that haunt me from within her dress

now i’m a bust, an addict, a dirty little monster
that can’t fix his own fucking mess

Well i’m a weak young man with caloused hands
from all the profit that i’ll never see
‘cause you kept them in your pockets to pay for all your lockets
which never contained pictures of me
but darlin’ i think i can finally rest these old bones
because i’ve finally figured out
that we’re the two birds that got killed by that same old stone.

And it’s called “love”
Track Name: Church Songs
Church Songs-

Grandpa says, “love until our burning up in hell,
‘cause someday soon your gonna shed that scarred up shell
You see it’s been a process since you started to die,
and i’m sad to say, son, that’s the the first day you were alive”

I still hear that tattered voice in my ear
His blistered hands keep beat to what i hear
He was just singing church songs
He’s always singing church songs

He’s still singing, he’s still drinking his wine
Throws a collar on then curses at the holy sky
He says, “there’s demons raging in all of our minds,
but i took care of them when i made them all slaves of mine”

Now we sing,
“holy shit, we can lift your name on high,
but it doesn’t get us over it”

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